Green Roofs for a Greener Tomorrow!

Going Green is becoming more popular for a lot of different reasons. People are really concerned about the environment, trying to minimize their carbon foot prints. Others are realizing some of the financial benefits that come with Going Green, especially as more tax credits become available. Whatever your reasons for going green, TruCraft Roofing is here to help you explore your options.
Here are some of the services currently offered by TruCraft Roofing.
Green Roof – Green Roofing is becoming more popular. Plants are used to cover the entire roofing membrane!
Cool Roof – There are more options when choosing a roof membrane. Lighter colors and reflective materials help you to achieve more energy efficiency with your building.
Natural Lighting – See the Product Section on Skylights to read more about your options and the associated benefits with Natural Lighting.
Recycling – TruCraft Roofing is trying not to be just another roofing contractor filling landfills with roof membranes and shingles. The numbers are staggering when you look at the % of landfills each year that is filled by construction materials. TruCraft Roofing is trying to recycle its discarded roofing membranes.
Whether we are replacing EPDM membranes or Shingles, we’re trying to recycle all of our construction waste. There is sometimes a higher cost associated with recycling…but like with so many things, we are striving to go above and beyond, to take those extra steps which set us apart as the Tri-State’s premier roofing contractor!